When the perfection of a crystal finds a way to grow. Would you say that a crystal is alive? Yet it grows, evolves. Here is one of the many magic with which Nature surprises us.

Now that we have put the curiosity you can go to search on the internet for the various videos and possible experiments to do even at home to be fascinated and entertained by the growth of crystals. For us, it is a starting point to talk about the evolution of our Kristals, which have seen the Kristal Basic line grow and evolve with Kristalevo.

Based on a formulation of liquid crystals, both enhance the brightness and natural softness, giving shine and combability even to colored and permed hair. Their particular formula creates a barrier that wraps the hair. Without greasing or weighing it down sheltering it from heat and atmospheric agents.

To this action, Kristalevo adds the benefits of linseeds, Argan oil and seaweed extract in a complete line that nourishes and moisturizes the hair in a natural and lasting way. Two lines full of products to adapt to different needs, just like a crystal with a thousand facets.

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