the power of
argan seed & linseed oil


Hydrating. Frequent washing. Fine hair.

new life to the natural strength of the hair


hair wellness

Thanks to the synergy of the active ingredients of Linseed and Argan oil, the Kristalevo products dedicated to Hair Wellness, take care of the hair at a deep level by acting on its structure. The Nutritive line is enriched with milk extract to recover gloss, strength, and smoothness.


shine finishers

Creativity finds support. The products Kristalevo Finishing Ideas, based on Linseed and Argan oil, allow to give form and vitality to the hair, from a natural styling effect to the most extreme hairstyles ever. Because of their unique formulation, these products nourish and protect the hair, enhancing and maximising brightness and brillance, for a perfect and durable result.