InnovationEvo Oxidation Colour and Cream Combo


Innovation Evo is a permanent oxidation hair dye with low ammonia content that guarantees complete grey coverage. It’s “3 Actions” formula colours, nourishes and hydrates the hair. Use together with oxidation cream, this combo pack contains the right amount of oxidation cream for one colour procedure.

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Innovation Evo’s 115 colour choices not only provide fantastic colour, they also nourish and hydrate the hair thanks to its special formulation of the active ingredients of linen oil and argan oil. Its natural origin formula penetrates deep into the hair for a more uniform colour from the roots to the tips.

Innovation Evo is a permanent oxidation hair colour with low ammonia content yet stillĀ  covers 100% white hair.

Used in combination with Innovation Evo Oxygen Cream for perfect results. Choose your shade and formulation combination, endless possibilities.

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1 Black, 2 Darkest Brown, 3 Dark Brown, 4 Natural Brown, 5 Light Brown, 6 Dark Blonde, 7 Natural Blonde, 8 Light Blonde, 9 Honey Light Blonde, 10 Platinum Blonde, 11 Very Light Blonde, 12 Super High Lift, Corrector


0 Natural, 00 Intensive Natural, 01 Natural Cold, 1 Ash, 11 Intensive Ash, 2 Violet, 21 Light Violet (Irise), 26 Rosy Blonde, 02 Pearl, 3 Golden, 32 Honey, 03 Natural Golden, 33 Intense Golden, 34 Copper Blonde, 4 Copper, 40 Deep Copper, 43 Golden Copper, 46 Red Copper, 5 Mahogany, 52 Violet Mahogany, 53 Cocoa, 54 Copper Mahogany, 6 Red, 62 Violet Red, 60 Tiziano Red, 64 Red Dark Blonde, 65 Mahogany Red, 66 Deep Red, 66P Red Power, 7 Beige, 72 Hazel, 75 Chocolate, 07 Tobacco, 99 Blue, 99 Green, Lifting Reinforcer


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