Revival 21 Leave-In Conditioner


21 actions in a conditioner, designed and formulated in our laboratories, to create a revolutionary wellness ritual ideal for all hair types. The unruly frizz, the delicacy of the brittle and the weakness of the dry: a targeted action for every hair type.

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The first professional lamellar treatment by BBcos, ideal for all hair types. The latest generation of lamellar technology acts instantly to discipline and protect the hair.

21 strategic actions1 beauty and wellness revolution. Much more than a Leave-In conditioner, 21 in 1 is a concentrate of active ingredients and an explosion of well-being, essential for rebalancing the health and strength of the hair, day after day. Enriched with Shea Butter and Panthenol perfectly balanced in its formulation, it acts by revitalizing the hair fiber and increasing its elasticity and hydration. The hair regains its original beauty and is more vigorous, healthy and shining with vitality.


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